We are here to give you more knowledege about techniques of technical, beacause now every works are doing by tehniques .In this Era, every thing is going on digitally ,now if you have question what is technlology? Technology is a invention of scientist, and it is a method ,skills, and techniques.

We have invented many technologies to make our life easy and simpler . As we know ealier we did’t have those resources and facilities which we have now.At that time if  people wanted to send any message   to some one, so they had to go through by postman ,and this procees took a long time to send your messsage to others.Then,we ivnented cell phone technology,SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol),Internet ,Network this types of resources have been developed to live life easy and simpler.

Internet is very popular technology which is trendeble now.Internet is world wide web global system of interconnected computer networks. It uses the standard  Internet protocol (TCP/IP).Every compter in Internet is identified by a unique IP adress.Now we are able to communicate with over all world through Internet.It has made our life too easy 

SEO (Search Egnine Optimization)

what is SEO?

SEO stands (Search Engine Optimzaton),and it is the process to optimize the website on search engine. It hepls to get higher ranking on search engine. It is a technique to icrease the quantity and quality of your website.

Types of SEO:

  • On-Optimization
  • off-optimzation
  • Technical SEO


In On-Optimization SEO,we bring the internal changes  and modified in such a way that search engine can read your website and take your web site on rank.On-Optimization works on your content ,images ,heading,title,meta description ,links and site structure. There are some follow tips which we should follow in On-Optimazation:

  • Choose your main keyword phrase to get high ranking.
  • Make a title of each page ,and put your keyword in title.
  • Title should not too long and not too small.
  • Use meta description and conclude your content in approx 60 words.
  • Meta description should be unique.

How can we optimize any image on Search Engine:

  • Image should not too large.
  • Use alt tag.
  • Put the same file image’s name as you put title on your page, it means the title, and file name should be same.

Which type of content should write?

  • Content should be unique and fresh.
  • Useful content for use.
  • Make simple sentence dont make your content  too complicated
  • Dont copy or paste another’s content.

what are the importance of Interlinking in SEO?

We create intelink by using Anchor tag.Interlinks links your site pages and it’s main thing that we should follow.There should two or more Interlinks.It shows that your website is reputated and, search engine crawler always crawls reputated website to usrers.


You will have to create a XML-Sitemap file of each page, beacause search engine never crawl HTML/CSS,Php file.Search engine crawls your XML file, then show to the user.Even you can create by your self otherwise there are so many platforms where you can genrate your XML-Sitemap file.After that you have to upload that file in yout FTP.